How To Make The Most Out Of Letting


How To Make The Most Out Of Letting

The property appraisal/valuation

The first stage towards putting your property on the market to let is to meet us at the property. We are available weekdays, evenings and Saturday mornings. This is a free no obligation service.

Maximising Rental Income

Before the valuation appointment we will research the lettings market in your locality, compiling comparable rental details, a market overview and current pricing trends. We will advise about any items or discuss any issues that may affect the rental yield. We will also advise you of any action you can take to maximise the rental and minimise the time it takes to achieve it.


Experience tells us that the presentation of your property will increase the marketability and the level of rental income that we can achieve on your behalf.
Your property should be presented to the highest standard possible to secure an early tenancy. We can advise you on all aspects of furnishings, fittings and decorations. Recommend contractors to assist with any remedial work or improvements prior to your property being made available for letting. We would also suggest that prior to letting you have the property and carpets professionally cleaned. The garden should also appear well tended.

Practical tips for profitable letting

Tenants are very discerning and they expect quality when there are so many properties to choose from. The quality of decoration and contents in the property will have an effect on the levels of rent and the time scales involved in securing suitable tenants.

We recommend you avoid allowing personal taste to influence the choice of decoration. Experts recommend that the furnishings and decoration should not be too personal or elaborate. Your representative will be happy to advise you on what best suits the market. Maintenance is also much easier the simpler things are kept.

How to Present your Property

Choose Neutral colours such as cream or magnolia for decoration

  • Carpets, curtains and any furnishings should be neutral and be able to stand wear and tear
  • Gardens should be neat and well maintained
  • We recommend a professional clean, including the windows prior to letting
  • If you are seeking a company let, all furnishings including kitchens and bathrooms
    must be well equipped and to a good standard

Furnished Lettings

  • TV’s and Hi-Fi are not normally necessary as tenants will bring their own
  • 3 piece suites must be of a good standard and meet current safety regulations
  • Beds must be of good quality with new mattresses and linen, again meeting current safety regulations
  • Protect any table or furniture tops with glass or suitable covers
  • Cutlery and glassware should be robust
  • Leave full instructions on appliances, alarms and any kitchen gadgets, plus details where main switches, stop taps etc. are to be found