Tenant Info


Tenant Info

How to Reserve the Property you Want

Having found a suitable house or flat to rent we will ask you for an administration fee & holding deposit which is payable at the time of your application. Will then stop receiving other applications and start the administrative process of obtaining satisfactory references on your behalf.


Your prospective new landlord will be keen to make sure that you are a suitable tenant and that you have the ability to pay your rent, whilst also making sure that you have rented a property without any major problems in the past (if this is applicable). You will be asked to complete an application form which not only gives us the information that we require, but also your permission to deal with this part of the process on your behalf as quickly as possible.

When you apply for the property, some or all of the following documents may be requested.

  1. References from previous landlords – you may be asked to give the details of where you have lived within the last 3 years
  2. A credit check – this will allow them to see if you have a good history of paying your bills
  3. Your bank details – including bank name, account number and sort-code
  4. Details of your employment – your employer, job title, payroll number, salary, previous employer, etc.


If there are difficulties with your application or your situation is unusual, you may be asked for a guarantor. Your guarantor will be required to undergo the same checks as above. They will be expected to pay the rental should there be any default during the tenancy.

First Month’s Rent & Security Deposit

Only on the day of move into the property we will ask you to pay your final balance, which will be equal to one month’s rent plus a deposit equal to one month’s rent, This can be done at the property when you receive the keys. This is usually by debit card, we can also accept credit card with a 2% extra fee, bank draft or cash.

Arranging your Check in Date

When all of your references have come back ok we will contact you to arrange a check in date and time, which must not be longer than the one month after the date of your application. This check in date is when your tenancy will start and will form the dates for your tenancy agreement.

Check in Day!

We meet you at the property to check-in. We need all the parties to the tenancy to be there so they can sign the tenancy agreement. We will take meter readings and write them down on your tenancy This process usually takes 30 mins, so please allow enough time, as we will also ensure we have familiarised you with all the controls, locks, central heating times, stop cocks etc.

Tenancy Deposit Protection in Summary

All Landlords and agents are required by law to register and protect your deposit within a government-approved scheme on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy. This means that your security deposit is protected. After you move into the property you will receive a certificate from TheDepositProtectionService (DPS) who are the company we use to protect our deposits.

The Inventory (Schedule of Condition)

We take a detailed photographic inventory of the property in wide angle, high resolution. We then load these onto a CD for you and ask that you sign for it. This reduces the risk of any unintended disputes at the end of the tenancy. We always allow 7 days after checking into the property for you to bring to our attention any extra items that had not been noted.


The landlord will insure the buildings of the property and fixtures and fittings. You are required to insure your own contents.

During the Tenancy

It is your responsibility to report maintenance issues so we can deal with them before they become a problem. However we will schedule a visit at three months to ensure that you are happy and that the property is being kept in good order. We may then check every six months thereafter.

Renewing your Tenancy

At the end of a fixed term tenancy we will discuss extending the fixed term with you and the landlord. However if nothing is agreed your tenancy automatically becomes a statutory periodic tenancy. This means all the terms and conditions of of the original tenancy still apply, however you are no longer tied to an end date, you are only required to give one month’s notice that will expire on a rent payment date.

Moving Out

Remember to ensure that the property is left in good condition when you leave to ensure that you get your full deposit back. If you’re unsure then please refer to your copy of the checkout notes handed to you at the start and emailed prior to moving out.

Final Inventory Check

You’ll have the opportunity to run through the inventory checklist on the day of departure. It’s important that this job is done before you leave the property to avoid being accountable for any damage that occurs after you’ve left. If there is any damage, you should agree with the landlord or LetHomesNow the cost of repairing or replacing such items.

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